dimanche 11 octobre 2015


As you all konw, this winter will be placed under the sign of the massive& doomy stoner grunge distilled by THEM STONES & JONBAR HINGE, two awesome bands that have  recently joined your favorite label!

It is now time for you to learn more about these two heavy beasts!

                                                             JONBAR HINGE
                                            Jonbar Hinge. Pictures © Nicolas De Nisco Photography / All right reserved.

Jonbar Hinge is a rock band from Switzerland, playing a heavy ‘stoner-like’ music at the crossroads of ‘progressive', ‘post-rock' and ‘metal’ genres.
The Jonbar Hinge project took place during the course of the year 2012, reflecting a common passion for heavy rock music between Mauro and Marc (guitarists), both former musicians in several other bands.
Soon, Antoine (drums) and Emmanuel (bass) - having themselves quite a long experience in the local rock scene - joined the duo and the newborn Jonbar Hinge combo emerged out of the forge. In the late 2013, the band recorded 5 songs (with no vocals at the time). In 2014, Matthieu joined the band to perform the vocals in studio, closing the loop of the recording process.

                                                              THEM STONES

Them Stones was formed when an asteroid fell on the small Swiss canton of Neuchatel in 2012. This five-man-band is composed of two guitars, vocals, drums and the bass.
Initially, Them Stones had a very stoner rock sound, but they quickly forged themselves a varied repertory of compositions. Greatly influenced by Seattle's grunge scene of the 90 's, the band has now orientated their music towards a bluesy hard-rock, sprinkled with grunge, metal and even doom! Their stage performances are as wild as hypnotic and will undoubtedly leave an indelible trace on their audience.

Both release are coming on the 20th November!
News about the formats soon!

Stay tunned!

mardi 8 septembre 2015


Dear music lovers,

The time has now come to announce our two next releases for the unholy year of 2015. For this two winter albums, we stay right next to our hometown, proving once again that real talent doesn’t have to be looked for in foreign areas!

So, we’re extremely proud and terribly excited to introduce the bluesy, dirty & grungy stoner rock act THEM STONES based in la Chaux-de-Fonds and the groovy, addictive & noisy heavy rock band JONBAR HINGE from Biel. 

Two albums, two universes but one common goal: Make you headbang ‘til death!

The debut albums from both bands will be out on November 20th 2015.
Release details, preorder, fresh tunes and many more surprises soon to be revealed!
But if you want a hint of what is to come, please take a look at JONBAR HINGE first TEASER, it's awesome!

We’ll keep you posted!

lundi 20 avril 2015


We're thrilled to announce that DR055 will be the first album from Closet Disco Queen, the new project of Jona & Luc from Coilguns, Kunz, The Ocean, The fawn...

Pure psychedelic krautrock dementia is on it's way!

Album in both huge 180gr. vinyl and beautiful cd digipack will hit you in the face on 12th June. Be prepared!

Pre-order LP HERE
Pre-order CD HERE

This release is made on collaboration with Hummus Records & This Charming Man, and it's a fucking pleasure to work with these two labels!!!!

Stay tuned!

mercredi 1 avril 2015


The masters of progressive sludge noise will be on tour for 10 savage shows across Europe!
Be sure to check them on the road, they're definitely worth it!!!

You can pre-order the upcoming split with Fleshworld here:

And stream a song of each band here:

Stay tuned, news are soon to come!!!

mardi 3 mars 2015

DR054 Ølten New Master Piece

Dear audience,
We are proud to announce our next release 

Ølten's first full-length MODE will be out on 17th April 2015 on a wonderful Orange & Black vinyl. After their terrific first ep, the trio returns with an incredible album. Sludgy post rock mixed with ulgy heaviness and sheer sensibilty, this album will let everybody speechless. Featuring a collaborative song with BREACH ex-singer Tomas Liljedahl! Let's hear what Louis from Coilguns has to say about this new masterpice:

"Why would ØLTEN release a new record? Their previous one is far from obsolete! To be honest, I never thought I'd need another. Their self-titled EP still sits proudly on my desk. It looks like my grandma's ancient dresser: it's built to last, assembled too carefully, impossible to move. It reminds me of these massive furnitures from the old days, when cabinetmakers were really willing to produce solid looking, patiently handcrafted and reliable furnitures you would only yield to your grandchildren when they get their fifth baby. ØLTEN's organic rock is like the finest forest wood, the older and the dryer it gets, the better it sounds. So frankly, now that I already own one, why would I bother getting another ? Simply because it is bigger, crunchier, heavier, louder, longer and olten-er. As a passionate broker I don't need it - but I desire it. Is there a weight limit to their art? What am I gonna do with all that firewood? What if my entire flat ends up being too small for their lumbermen riffs? Well, I guess the guys from ØLTEN just don't give a shit - all three of them are giants already…"

Pre-order link: http://divisionrecords.bigcartel.com/product/lten-mode-lp

mercredi 21 janvier 2015


So, it's finally official, the veteran sludge-noisers from KEHLVIN are going to release 3 brand new songs on a split album shared with polish doomsters FLESHWORLD.

The concept of the album revolves around science, various philosophical problems one encounters and dissatisfaction with certain beliefs. It tells the story of a struggling mathematician through five, interwoven tracks (three by Kehlvin and two by Fleshworld), each regarding a different stage of the subject’s life.

The album, titled “To Deny Everything That’s Mundane”, will be released in April 2015 on white 12’’ 180g vinyl, thanks to the collaboration with Unquiet Records (PL), GRAINS OF SAND RECORDS (RU), Dingleberry records and distribution (DE), and Dullest Records (US). Cover artwork was designed by Michael Ribeiro of Ghost Dagger.

vendredi 26 décembre 2014

2014 Division team top albums

Merry Christmas to all of you!
To end this crazy year, here are 2014 favorites’ albums of the Division team!

Samuel “warehouse lord” Schwab
Mastodon - Once more round the sun
Wo Fat - The Conjuring
St Vincent - S/T
Woven Hand - Refractory Obdurate
Interpol - El Pintor
Hark - Crystalline
Ty Segall - Manipulator
Crowbar - Symmetry in Black
Helms Alee - Sleepwalking Sailors.
Down. Purple ep 2

Julien “numbers’ master” Spielmann
Swans - To be Kind
Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra - Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything
Eyehategod - s/t
Electric Wizard - Time to Die
Thee Oh Sees - Drop
Susheela Raman - Queen Between
Thurston Moore - The Best Day
Mastodon - Once more round the sun
Sole and DJ Pain - Pattern of Life
Earth - Primitive and Deadly

Yonni “boss of the underworld” Chapatte
Pallbearer - Fundations of Burden
Impure Wilhelmina  - Black Honey
Lana Del Ray - Ultraviolence
Beastmilk – Climax
Swans - To be Kind
Cult Leader – Nothing for us here
Mayhem - Esoteric Warfare
Interpol - El Pintor
Thou - Heathen
Mastodon - Once more round the sun

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All best for 2015!