mercredi 29 mars 2017

Stoner-punk heroes PAPERTANK are joining the Division family!!!

Hi everybody!

As the summer is slowly coming we thought, here at DIVISION RECORDS, that it would be a good idea to sign a fresh punk/stoner/whatever new band! And this is now done with the newcomers from PAPERTANK! Please, ladies & Gentlemen, welcome them warmly, as they truly deserve it!

Papertank is a half-Swiss / half-French trio born in 2015. Their genuine originality lies heavily on their unusual formation, namely, a furious bass, a hammering drums and an addictively powerful voice. As a mixture made of punk, stoner rock & post-hardcore, the band displays an unique personality towards a heavy, fast & dirty music. Functioning as a deep breath of fresh air, this new promising band seems to know the way to bewitch every listener at the same speed it plays its unstoppable songs!

Their first album will be released May the 5th on a beautiful CD digisleeve. Here is the artwork cover:

A few month ago, the band had already released a single and shot a cool video for it, you can watch it here:

 Stay tuned for more awesome news! And in the meanwhile, be sure to check the band

lundi 20 mars 2017


Ladies & Gentlemen,

Please welcome this new rock as fuck video for our favourite duo!!

Just go THERE to watch it, and THERE to preorder the fantastic vinyl!

More news soon to come!

lundi 6 mars 2017


Ladies & Gentlemen,

You can now PREORDER our upcoming release, namely the new vinyl ep from kraut-stoner-indie killing machine CLOSET DISCO QUEEN.

This 3 songs ep is absolutely fantastic, no need to say. It's available on black vinyl or on blue (LIMITED) vinyl. Make your choice but be sure to act fast as this whole new record is limited to 330 pieces.

It'll be released on April the 7th through DIVISON RECORDS, CRAZYSANE RECORDS & UNQUIET RECORDS.

You can stream a new song THERE.

More news soon to come.

jeudi 5 janvier 2017

A little retrospective of the last year.

2016 first release was the astonishing 4th album of RORCAL, the fantastic CREON. It was a real honor for us to collaborate in unleashing such a gigantic master piece of black art. It is rare to listen to such a complete work of art nowadays, their unique blend of black metal, doom & drone has reached a level beyond human understanding.

Then it was time to do what we wanted to do for years: sign a ROCK band. And this happened in the form of CHARLES IN THE KITCHEN, this huge groove machine. The idea was to enlarge our roster with different music styles. After having worked with hardcore, post-metal, doom, sludge, grind, black and stoner bands, we were ready to dive one step further and propose a pure rock band. We first released a brilliant 7” ep as single of their upcoming album. This first song has been on heavy rotation on Swiss radio, which is a real achievement for us! We are proud and happy! Then, after the summer, we released the full-length and the truth is that SLICE, COOK, TASTE & THRILL is one of the best modern rock albums we’ve heard in years. Well done, guys! 

One more record slot was open for this year, and we decided that after rock, it was worth to get back to some gloomy violence. That’s why we signed CHARLENE BERETAH for the release of their first ep, mixing with no shame doom, crust and black metal. And Jesus, it felt right to do something that nasty & that primitive!

Don't forget that you can order any of these albums on our ONLINE SHOP, we ship worldwide!

Next year will be full of releases, some of our mightiest heroes are returning, and we will continue to introduce you new bands as well.
Thank you for your interest, because if no one buys records, we simply can’t go on. So, sincerely, thank you for your trust!