vendredi 29 septembre 2017

UNFOLD 4th album "Banshee O Beast" out today

It's finally time to release UNFOLD's incredible new album Banshee O Beast. We couldn't be more excited about this offering, as Unfold represent the soul of this very label that is Division Records!

This new album is an awaken dream, continuing what Unfold has always been doing, namely, being the absolute kings of sludgy heaviness, but at the same time exploring new directions, all of this wraped in a feeling of pure urgency and a real punk attitude. We just love it, and you should too!

Order the vinyl HERE
Get the cd digisleeve HERE

The album is available on every plateform known to humanity, including Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music....

The vinyl edition has been made in collaboration with two great labels that you should check:
Grains of Sand
Dullest Records

You want a digital copy? Just visit UNFOLD BandCamp.

Stay tuned, there is more to come....

HEXIS new ep out today

Ladies & Gentlemen,

We're pround & honored to be a part of this release, as we've always considered the Danish from Hexis as one of the best band to walk the Earth nowadays. So it's now official, their brillant new ep, named XII, is released today worldwide. This new offering from the kings of ultra blackened hardcore display 5 tracks of pure mayhem. The beautiful vinyl is accompanied by a cd version of the ep, so you can mosh in your car too!

Order HERE. Special vinyl bundle HERE

Of course the album is also available through Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and pretty much every music app you may know!

This release is the fruit of a collaboration between us and 3 other great labels that you should check out: 
Moment of Collapse 
Crown & Throne

We hope you'll enjoy this release as much as we do!

Talk to you soon!

mercredi 13 septembre 2017


Another hot new song just for you!

Stream Unfold first single taken from their upcoming 4th album "Banshee O Beast". This is the third song of the record, it's called "Cursed Commanders" and it destroys everything on its way!

Here is te tracklisting of this album, which will be released worldwide on October the 13th in collaboration with Grains of Sand (RU) and Dullest Records (USA):

  • 01. Honor The Traitors
  • 02. Admirals Dissono
  • 03. Cursed Commanders
  • 04. Hex Heyday
  • 05. They Had Wolves In Their Eyes And Knives In Their Mouths
  • 06. Night Ride, Death Touch
  • 07. Aussitôt Dit, Aussitôt Mort
  • 08. Felony Works
  • 09. Havoc Assemble
 Here is the front cover, again a magnificent piece of art by Fabian Sbarro:

Preorder the vinyl edition HERE (Every order comes with Unfold previous album "Cosmogon" on picture lp FOR FREE).

Preorder the cd digisleeve HERE (Every order comes with Unfold previous album "Cosmogon" on cd digipack FOR FREE).

And if you wonder how these post-metal-noise heroes look like these days, here you are:


And stay tuned, cause we've got a lot of good things to come!

lundi 4 septembre 2017


So, it's now time to get some sheer brutality from Danish demons HEXIS!

This first song to be revealed is called NEFARIUS and it sounds like being eaten by the Kraken... to say the least!

We remind you that the new ep "XII" will be released on September the 29th on a tasty 10" vinyl with cd included and you can now preorder your copy at our SHOP. Please note that we offer a special LPs BUNDLE with Process of Guilt "Black Earth", so if you want a double dose of good music, just help yourself!

We will be back soon, cause we have so much good music to share with you in the next weeks....!