dimanche 8 août 2010


This new album, coming right out from hell, is a 70 minutes song illustrating the decay of the roman emperor, Heliogabalus.
This time the band is going ways further than before, with crushing doom parts, including long hellish droning fields.
This album is scary, really aggressive, completely gloomy. You’ve never heard something like that, and you never will. Rorcal is doom at its best, it’s like hell on earth. If you’re looking for something really extreme, this is exactly what you need.
We are releasing this monolith in partnership with CALOFROR Records. The album will be presented in a A6 digifile, including 6 pages booklet, limited to 500 copies, hand numbered. Get yours before it’s too late!

Release planned for september 2010.

extracts available on the bands myspace:

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Yes, it took us a long time, but we’ve finally succeeded in our operation, and we are now bringing you the heavy vinyl version of Knut’s mythical CHALLENGER, which has been sold out for years!
This album was the one with which everything went to a different level for the Swiss chaotic math-core band. This album was no less than a manifesto for the emergence of a new blood in Switzerland!
And now you’ll be able to enjoy this timeless masterpiece in a completely original version: gatefold colored heavy vinyl in printed inner sleeve limited to 500 pieces.

dr037 - Challenger LP 25chf/18€


After almost 10 years of existance, LostSphereProject finally release their first full-lenght entitled "Verse XXIV", a 15 tracks record of brutal chaotik grindcore.
This is not an album, this is a battlefield. This is not music, this is nuclear explosion. You’ve never heard something like this new album, it’s full of sick blastbeats and crazy mosh parts, it’s going faster and faster, it hurting you, it’s destroying your ears but still, you need it, you want it.

dr038 Verse XXIV 20chf/13€

you don't believe us? see by yourself.
(video from Impetus Festival@le Romandie w/ Sludge and Nachtmystium)


After having their first EP released in autoproduction. We here release its reissue limited to 300 copies in a beautiful digisleeve.
Discover the songs which started their adventure bringing them to produce their 1rst full-lenght with Ross Robinson.

dr036 - S/t limited reissue 15chf/9€


Recorded in a remote farm in the heart of a wood. "IMIHS" is made up of two pieces, each about twenty minutes long, where the slicks of analog keyboards, hypnotic guitar loops and psychedelic rhythms serve to tell a musical tale which is sometimes disturbing and sometimes spellbinding.

dr035 - Imihs 20chf/18€

live@Reithalle/Bern (ch)


What better to honor one of the best release of 2009 than printing its LP version.
Prayers & Arsons; Impure Wilhelmina's latest release originaly out in CD version through Get a Life Records, is a master piece of emotional melodramatic hardcore.
Unique and limited to 333 pieces of blood red vinyl in Gatefold.

"...Going to teach you the rope and the blade, goint to help you find your own way, a black face at the end of the journey. A bloodbath at the end of the day..."
-the rope-

face A:
1. Continental breed
2. Hide your anger, give your mouth
3. Poisons and blades
4. The end within
5. Travel with the night
face B:
6. As we kneel
7. Cover me with kindness
8. The rope
9. Drift

dr034 - Prayers & Arsons LP - 25chf/18€


Manufactured Landscape: The journey is dense, landscapes are various but invariably grazed. There is one constant thing, the weather: dark, grey, threatening, always on the edge of spitting its downpour; the deluge is close, so close, too close…
This new album must be walked, like to path of existence is walked, quickly or slowly, but always in a chaotic way. Hardly controlled hatred explosions, moments of perfect appeasement, the listener is trapped between hyper melodic tunes and savage parts full of aggression. Yes, modern hardcore has still something left to say…

Hand numbered collector edition in silver printed digifile + insert.
dr032bis - Manufactured landscape 20chf/13€

Also available the clear seethrough LP version
dr033 - Manufactured landscape LP 20chf/13€


dr039 Rorcal - Heliogabalus (out in september 2010)

dr037 Knut - Challenger LP reissue (2010)
dr038 Lost Sphere Project - Verse XXIV (2009)
dr032bis Asidefromaday - Manufactured landscape CD reissue (2009)
dr036 My Own Private Alaska - s/t limited reissue (2009
dr035 Shelving - Imihs (2009)
dr034 Impure Wilhelmina - Prayers & Arsons 12" (2009)
dr033 Asidefromaday - Manufactured landscape 12" (2008)
dr032 Asidefromaday - Manufactured landscape (2008) out of stock
dr031 Kehlvin - Holy Cancer (2008)
dr030 Rorcal/Kehlvin - split Ascension (2007)
dr028 Forceed - Ivory March (2006)
dr027 Unsane - Scattered, Smothered, Covered & Live (2006) out of stock
dr026 Kehlvin - the Mountain daylight time(2005)
dr025 Zatokrev - S/t (2005) out of stock
dr024 Vancouver - the Moment (2004)
dr022 Seethings - Parallels (2004)
dr021 Forceed - idyl of Estreya (2004)
dr020 Unfold - Aeon Aony (2003) out of stock
dr019 Forceed - S/t (2002)
dr018 Lest - lift (2002)
dr017 Clone - Organic (2002)
dr016 Impure Wilhelmina/Ordeal - 442 split (2002)
dr015 Unfold/Seethings - Split (2001)
dr014 Unfold - Pure (2000)
dr013 Ordeal - Empiricism (2000)
dr011 Rude - S/t (1999)
dr010 Outline/Doaa - Split 7"
dr009 Unfold/Shovel - Split (1998)
dr008 O.c.m.e. - Daylight 7" out of stock
dr007 Unfold - five (1997)
dr006 Faction zero/Prejudice - split 7" out of stock
dr005 Vomitose - remixes by fade 7" (1997)
dr004 Out of blood - 1996 (1996)
dr003 Faction zero - inside 7" out of stock
dr002 Schizma - voices 7" out of stock
dr001 Prejudice - metalcake


Born in 2006 in Geneva, Rorcal is delivering a slow and disturbing doomcore. After having released their first demo in 2007, they’ve collaborated with the Swiss act Kehlvin for the record of a 30 minutes song, Ascension, including the whole ten musicians. Then they’ve released Monochrome, their video/musical concept, an album which prove their incessant need to experiment with a lot of ingredients. Their first full-length album, Myrra, Mordvynn, Marayaa, was a pure fucking Armageddon, black, noisy, crushing, slow and gloomy. After more than 50 shows across Europe, they’re now releasing their new masterpiece, Heliogabalus. There’s no need to say that Rorcal is one of the most promising band in Switzerland. Get ready, you’ll be blown away.

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2010 Heliogabalus (calofror/division records)
2008 Falling down compilation - featured track (falling down)
2008 Myrra, Mordvynn, Marayaa (thundering records)
2008 Monochrome (calofror)
2007 Ascension (division records/sigma)
2007 the way we are, the way we were, the way will be... (calofror/sigma)


Dark and crushing sludge/doom. Heaviest Swiss band on earth. Nobody can imagine the power and ability of this band. Mind devastation, ears deconstruction, brain explosion, who can survive such a threat?

band myspace

2008 Falling down compilation - featured track (falling down)
2007 Bury the ashes 2LP (get a life)
2007 split w/ Vancouver (get a life)
2006 Bury the ashes (czar of crickets)
2004 s/t (division records)
2003 Demo (autoprod)


Savage & melodic sludgecore. Formed on the ashes of Unfold & Iscariote, Vancouver is a new take in the modern HxC/Sludge area. Poignant intensity joined to melancholic tunes prove this band exceptional conception of music.

band myspace

2007 split w/ Zatokrev (get a life)
2007 split w/ Fresnel 7" (division records/noise appeal
2004 the Moment (division records)


Shelving is an awesome bunch of seventies’post-prog, psychedelic krautrock & experimental noise. Dark, epic, complex and sometimes heavy, this music is nothing less than astonishing, unexpected & completely addictive.

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2009 Imihs (division records)
2007 Mecanique Sessions (autoprod)

lundi 2 août 2010


This band IS the originality, as it evolves as a destructive trio: Keyboard, drums and screamings. This music has absolutely no point of comparison, maybe one might describe it as ‘screamo played by Chopin’, but this will not give an accurate idea of what is going on here. So, if you’re looking for new sensations, for an emotional storm or for rough beauty, this ep is exactly what you need.

band myspace

2010 Amen (i am recordings)
2009 s/t limited reissue (division records)


This is not a band, this is a war. This is not an album, this is a battlefield. This is not music, this is nuclear explosion.
There’s no escape, you are trapped somewhere dark and gloomy, there is this man who scream like if he is burning in hell, those guitars which sound like gun shots and this drummer who is perfectly insane.
This band is sheer brutality and mind dementia. This band is not human.

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2009 Verse XXIV (division records)
2007 VNV Festival DVD (dali production)
2007 Story III split w/ Ed warner's cage (esb/sigma records)
2004 Prelude (ptr)

KNUT (ch)

Born in 1994 in Switzerland, Knut has become one of the most important bands in the field of chaotic, uncompromising and forward-thinking math-hardcore. Having released three albums through Hydra Head Records / Conspiracy / Chrome Saint Magnus, they are going to launch their new masterpiece, “Wonder”, this summer 2010.
(above picture taken from 2002 US tour)

band myspace

2010 Challenger LP reissue (division records)
2010 Wonder CD+LP (hydrahead/conspiracy)
2005 Terraformer CD+LP (hydrahead/conspiracy)
2004 Alter (hydrahead/conspiracy)
2002 Challenger CD+LP (hydrahead/conspiracy/chrome st magnus)
2000 Split w/Ananda, Botch
1999 split 7" w/ Ordeal
1998 Bastardizer (hydrahead)
1997 Leftover (snuff records)


Slow, progressive & metallic hardcore/sludge. Complex emotions coupled with an over-exigent writing, Kehlvin is focusing on high quality recordings and bestial live performances

band myspace

2010 Falling Down compilation - featured track "who by fire"
2008 Holy cancer CD+DVD (division records)
2007 Ascension split w/Rorcal (division records)
2005 the Mountain daylight time (division records)


Exotic & dramatic hardcore. Hero of the modern Swiss scene, Impure Wilhelmina is nothing less than the emotional music at its perfect moment.
Impure sounds just like Impure: AWESOME.

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band website

2010 Falling down compilation vol.2 - featured track "Cold fever"
2009 Prayers & Arsons LP (division records)
2008 Prayers & Arsons CD (get a life)
2007 Afraid limited edition (autoprod)
2004 L'amour, la mort, l'enfance perdue CD (space patrol)
2004 L'amour, la mort, l'enfance perdue 2LP (cetacean/d'ici à la réalité)
2002 I can't believe I was born in july (space patrol)
2001 442 split w/ Ordeal (division records)
2000 Afraid (autoprod)
1997 Undressing your soul (autoprod)
1996 s/t 7" (ptr)


Dark & tortured noisecore from hell. One of the most extreme band coming from Switzerland, Forceed is also one of the great hopes in the depressed & deranged musical field. Reserved to an well-informed audience

band myspace

2006 Ivory march (division records)
2004 Idyl of estreya (division records)
2002 s/t (division records)


Modern, chaotic & noisy hardcore. Mixing hyper-melodic tunes with savage brutal parts, AFAD is one of the more exciting bands of the past 5 years. Strong personality and high musical consciousness seems to be the point for this magical band.

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2009 Manufactured Landscape reissue (division records)
2008 Manufactured Landscape CD + LP (division records)
2008 Falling down compilation / featured track on 3CD compilation
2007 Videography DVD (dali production)
2005 Divine Proportion (exutoire/impure muzik)
2004 Setting in motion (autoprod)
2002 Maieutics (autoprod)