jeudi 9 décembre 2010


A cold end of year to keep us fresh for 2011!

We are proud to announce the signing up of 2 new incredible bands to Division Records roster.

For starter, please welcome the gigantic neurotic hardcore band from France; DIRGE.
Born in Paris in 1994 and godfathers of the posthardcore french scene, the band is back with their 5th album after more than 3 years since their previous monumental release "Wings of lead over dormant seas".

Planned for spring 2011, you will have the chance to discover "Elysian Magnetic Fields" a 7 pieces of art guiding you though a passageway between wonder and magnificance.
A master piece to be discovered in CD and 2LP version with the artwork signed Axel Kriloff.

More infos and gigs infos soon. In the meanwhile, please visit their myspace page and website.
"Dirige, Domine, Deus meus, in conspectu tuo viam meam"

And to definitly destroy what is left of your life, please welcome the worshiper of grinding blastbeats, YOG.

Unleashing hell since 2003, the swiss grinders are back with their long awaited 2nd album entitled "Half the sky".
The whole world will crush on you after just a few notes of the tracks.
Recorded and Mix by Jérome Pellegrini from Mumakil, expect not only incredibly complex and extreme tracks but also a flawless production to blow your eardrums and liquify your brain in less than 30 minutes.

As usually in Division Records, expect this release in a great and original artwork.

check them out or die as an ignorant; YOG

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