lundi 2 avril 2012


It is with a great pleasure that we welcome Portugal sludge monsters PROCESS OF GUILT in our beloved and warm home.
Their new album, entitled FÆMIN, will be released in collaboration with Bleak Recordings.
Expect a pure burst of savage doomed sludge with dark melodies displayed in gloomy-as-fuck songs. Beware, Portugese also know how to crush down the place. To be released this spring in a beautiful hand numbered digifile. Beware the storm, young men.

A limited special preorder package including the CD and Tshirt is already available on the bands website until April 24. After that the CD will be available through our usual distributor and in Portugal through Bleak Recordings.

Band website, here
Find them on Fb, here
Extract available, here
Third album for these Portuguese sludge monsters! Taking its origin in the doom/ death scene, the band has slowly evolved toward something ways more personal and FÆMIN is here to prove that in such a manner that you’ll never forget it! Slow, loud and evil, their music strikes you like dozens of mammoth and takes your throat in such a way that it looks like it will never end. The mood is gloomy and the feeling for doomed melodies is completely beyond imagination. A dream turns to a nightmare, you’re listening to Process of Guilt’s FÆMIN.

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