mardi 22 août 2017


Ladies & Gentlemen,

Our favorite Portugal's doom destroyers have released a brand new song taken from their upcoming new album "Black Earth" through Metal Hammer/Subterranea, and not only you can listen to "Feral Ground" HERE, but you can also watch this delicious monchrome video right there:

And the other big news is that the preorders are now open through our shop! The really good news being that for the 20 first preorders, every order will come with PROCESS OF GUILT previous album FOR FREE! So, if you order the GORGEOUS BLACK EARTH VINYL, you'll have FÆMIN VINLY for free, and the same goes on with the FABULOUS CD DIGISLEEVE, so hurry up!

All preorders can be found HERE. We remind you that the album is due to September the 22nd.

And last but not least, here is the cover artwork for this new beast:

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And stay tunned for more news to come

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