vendredi 29 septembre 2017

HEXIS new ep out today

Ladies & Gentlemen,

We're pround & honored to be a part of this release, as we've always considered the Danish from Hexis as one of the best band to walk the Earth nowadays. So it's now official, their brillant new ep, named XII, is released today worldwide. This new offering from the kings of ultra blackened hardcore display 5 tracks of pure mayhem. The beautiful vinyl is accompanied by a cd version of the ep, so you can mosh in your car too!

Order HERE. Special vinyl bundle HERE

Of course the album is also available through Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and pretty much every music app you may know!

This release is the fruit of a collaboration between us and 3 other great labels that you should check out: 
Moment of Collapse 
Crown & Throne

We hope you'll enjoy this release as much as we do!

Talk to you soon!

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