dimanche 18 septembre 2011


Preorder of the great new release from the Mighty UNFOLD is open NOW!!

COSMOGON is now available on our Bigcartel CD page.

We are offering you also the opportunity to discover the previous releases of the band through a special deal:
For the purchase of COSMOGON, get any of UNFOLD's previous releases for free!

::: UNFOLD - Pure
First full length released in 2000. Heaviest sound from the beginnin of the 21rst century!
Split CD whith the Swedish hardcore band featuring 2 great doomy tracks.
::: UNFOLD / SHOVEL - Split
Split CD with the veterans of Swiss hardcore.
::: UNFOLD - Five
First release of the band, showing the bits and pieces of what will become something HUGE!!

artwork by Fabian Sbarro

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