vendredi 7 octobre 2011


RORCAL are hitting the road again!

To celebrate their new collaborative release with SOLAR FLARE (solo doom project from the bass player of Impure Wilhelmina), both bands will touring in France, Spain & Portugal.

Words from the band:
"For this work, we locked ourselves for 3 days in a humid basement (our practice room actually) to write and record a collaborative track sounding as heavy as it could be with 2 basses, 3 guitars, and supported by drums and vocals from the Mordor.

As concept and guideline, we found inspiration in the poem “La Ronde sous la Cloche”, taken from the book “Gaspard de la Nuit” and written by the french poet Aloysius Bertrand. Although the legend says that this book was probably written by the devil himself… His text drags you into a world between nightmare, hallucination and darkness which we tried to reproduce musicaly.
The release will be presented in a handmade digifile CDr format limited to 200 handnumbered copies and will feature tracks from SOLAR FLARE and the collaborative song. We’ll be releasing it by our own through CALOFROR Records and it will be available through our webstore."

check the news direct here

20.10 Mojomatic, Montpellier (f)
21.10 Club Heaven,  Santander (e)
22.10 Side B Club, Lisboa (p)
25.10 Heretic, Bordeaux (fr)
26.10 Darkness Metal bar, Valencia (e)
27.10 La Faena II, Madrid (e)
28.10 Kremlin, Bilbao (e)
29.10 Amplifest, Hardclub, Porto (p)

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