mercredi 21 janvier 2015


So, it's finally official, the veteran sludge-noisers from KEHLVIN are going to release 3 brand new songs on a split album shared with polish doomsters FLESHWORLD.

The concept of the album revolves around science, various philosophical problems one encounters and dissatisfaction with certain beliefs. It tells the story of a struggling mathematician through five, interwoven tracks (three by Kehlvin and two by Fleshworld), each regarding a different stage of the subject’s life.

The album, titled “To Deny Everything That’s Mundane”, will be released in April 2015 on white 12’’ 180g vinyl, thanks to the collaboration with Unquiet Records (PL), GRAINS OF SAND RECORDS (RU), Dingleberry records and distribution (DE), and Dullest Records (US). Cover artwork was designed by Michael Ribeiro of Ghost Dagger.

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