mardi 8 septembre 2015


Dear music lovers,

The time has now come to announce our two next releases for the unholy year of 2015. For this two winter albums, we stay right next to our hometown, proving once again that real talent doesn’t have to be looked for in foreign areas!

So, we’re extremely proud and terribly excited to introduce the bluesy, dirty & grungy stoner rock act THEM STONES based in la Chaux-de-Fonds and the groovy, addictive & noisy heavy rock band JONBAR HINGE from Biel. 

Two albums, two universes but one common goal: Make you headbang ‘til death!

The debut albums from both bands will be out on November 20th 2015.
Release details, preorder, fresh tunes and many more surprises soon to be revealed!
But if you want a hint of what is to come, please take a look at JONBAR HINGE first TEASER, it's awesome!

We’ll keep you posted!

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