samedi 5 mars 2011


Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome the gigantic neurotic hardcore band from France: DIRGE.
Born in Paris in 1994, DIRGE are nothing less than the godfather of the European Neurotic Hardcore scene. During a non-stop evolution path, the band gave birth to 4 high quality recordings, going from proto-noise/indus to more sensitive and emotional fields, the last in date being the monumental “Wings of lead over dormant seas”. Heaviness, gloomy atmospheres, long and progressive songs, the music is as epic as it is exciting & truly personal.
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This april 2011, you will have the chance to discover "Elysian Magnetic Fields".
An 8 pieces of art guiding you through a passageway between wonder and magnificence.

And for the first time in the band's discography, the release will also be available in a double 180gr LP version. Limited to 500 copies. 
Elysian Magnetic Fields:
The journey is dark. The landscapes are grey. The road never ends as the sky is heavy on our shoulders pressuring you down more and more.
To escape, we are forced to dig deeper and deeper. The feeling of the earth's heavyness on our back. There's no hope to see the light anymore. But who cares, finally? Everything is beautiful down here, and so we begin to feel as part of this ground. And there is this kind of epic and smooth melodies which come from the darkness of this never ending black hole we’re digging.
And so we keep going down. Forever.

27.04 Dürer-Kert, Budapest (hungary)
28.04 Club Noir, Szeged (hungary)
29.04 Kapu, Linz (austria)
01.05 Progresja, Warsaw (poland)
03.05 Collosseum, Košice (slovakia)
13.05 Ebullition, Bulle (switzerland)
27.05 Doom over Berlin - Festsal Kreuzberg, Berlin (germany)
and more to come...

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