vendredi 25 mars 2011

LOST SPHERE PROJECT - Third Level To Internal Failure

After their first full length “Verse XXIV” released in 2009, Geneva’s Grind terrorists LOST SPHERE PROJECT are back with a brand new EP full of inhumane power violence and deranged chaos-noise vomited directly by Great Satan Himself.
What can we really expect of this new process of devastation?
Nothing except the eradication of every living entity!!
Oh yes, Division Records is very proud to release such fantastic blasting songs, written with such taste and recorded with such elegancy. The fact that “Third level to internal failure” has been mastered by Sir James Plotkin (Khanate, Sunn O))), Pelican…) can just give you a hint of how dangerous it sounds.
Then, if you’re into tortured/chaotic/down-tuned/crazy/fast/grind/technical hardcore, this is just for you, my love.

Release in June in Digipack CD and available on digital release in May

31.03 Usine, Genève (ch)
14.05 l'Ecurie, Genève (ch)
18.06 FDM - Scène Akoufène, Genève (ch)

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