vendredi 25 mars 2011


21.04 Underworld, London (UK)
22.04 The Croft, Bristol (UK) 
23.04 The Corporation, Sheffield (UK)
24.04 Joseph's Well, Leeds (UK) 
25.04 Button Factory, Dublin (Ireland) 
26.04 Cyprus Avenue, Cork (Ireland) 
27.04 Auntie Annies, Belfast (Ireland) 
28.04 Nice n Sleazy, Glasgow (UK) 
29.04 Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburg (UK)
30.04 Rock City, Nottingham (UK) 
01.05 Malterie, Lille (F) 

And if you miss any of those shows, here are a few more to catch up.

15.04 Sunset Bar, Martigny (CH) w/ Corrosif
16.04 Atelier, Cluses (F) w/ Sedative, Burning Flesh
20.04 Grand Wazoo, Amiens (F) w/ Anorak
19.06  Hellfest, Clissons (F) Terrorizer Tent w/ Kyuss Lives!,
Hawkwind, Electric Wizard, Goatsnake, Kylesa, Grand Magus, Buzzov'en, The Ocean, Red Fang, etc

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