lundi 2 août 2010

KNUT (ch)

Born in 1994 in Switzerland, Knut has become one of the most important bands in the field of chaotic, uncompromising and forward-thinking math-hardcore. Having released three albums through Hydra Head Records / Conspiracy / Chrome Saint Magnus, they are going to launch their new masterpiece, “Wonder”, this summer 2010.
(above picture taken from 2002 US tour)

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2010 Challenger LP reissue (division records)
2010 Wonder CD+LP (hydrahead/conspiracy)
2005 Terraformer CD+LP (hydrahead/conspiracy)
2004 Alter (hydrahead/conspiracy)
2002 Challenger CD+LP (hydrahead/conspiracy/chrome st magnus)
2000 Split w/Ananda, Botch
1999 split 7" w/ Ordeal
1998 Bastardizer (hydrahead)
1997 Leftover (snuff records)

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