dimanche 8 août 2010


This new album, coming right out from hell, is a 70 minutes song illustrating the decay of the roman emperor, Heliogabalus.
This time the band is going ways further than before, with crushing doom parts, including long hellish droning fields.
This album is scary, really aggressive, completely gloomy. You’ve never heard something like that, and you never will. Rorcal is doom at its best, it’s like hell on earth. If you’re looking for something really extreme, this is exactly what you need.
We are releasing this monolith in partnership with CALOFROR Records. The album will be presented in a A6 digifile, including 6 pages booklet, limited to 500 copies, hand numbered. Get yours before it’s too late!

Release planned for september 2010.

extracts available on the bands myspace:

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