dimanche 8 août 2010


What better to honor one of the best release of 2009 than printing its LP version.
Prayers & Arsons; Impure Wilhelmina's latest release originaly out in CD version through Get a Life Records, is a master piece of emotional melodramatic hardcore.
Unique and limited to 333 pieces of blood red vinyl in Gatefold.

"...Going to teach you the rope and the blade, goint to help you find your own way, a black face at the end of the journey. A bloodbath at the end of the day..."
-the rope-

face A:
1. Continental breed
2. Hide your anger, give your mouth
3. Poisons and blades
4. The end within
5. Travel with the night
face B:
6. As we kneel
7. Cover me with kindness
8. The rope
9. Drift

dr034 - Prayers & Arsons LP - 25chf/18€

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