lundi 2 août 2010


Exotic & dramatic hardcore. Hero of the modern Swiss scene, Impure Wilhelmina is nothing less than the emotional music at its perfect moment.
Impure sounds just like Impure: AWESOME.

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2010 Falling down compilation vol.2 - featured track "Cold fever"
2009 Prayers & Arsons LP (division records)
2008 Prayers & Arsons CD (get a life)
2007 Afraid limited edition (autoprod)
2004 L'amour, la mort, l'enfance perdue CD (space patrol)
2004 L'amour, la mort, l'enfance perdue 2LP (cetacean/d'ici à la réalité)
2002 I can't believe I was born in july (space patrol)
2001 442 split w/ Ordeal (division records)
2000 Afraid (autoprod)
1997 Undressing your soul (autoprod)
1996 s/t 7" (ptr)

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